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Naruto Manga 637 Chapter and Raw Ninjutsu used was Raikiri

Well Hashirama Naruto 637 DNA is something which can not be neglected. Besides he is currently being controlled by Black Zetsu so Lasting a while longer wont be a problem for him. But seriously what’s truly unacceptable is him losing in a Taijutsu battle (Only Ninjutsu used was Raikiri).

naruto 637 manga

naruto 637 manga

The Edo Tensei Hokages got the benefit of unlimited chakra and by having Obito use Rinne Tensei and revive every corpse in the area they essentially lose the thing that let’s them keep the Juubi at bay for as long as they want. Now it will be the mortal Rinnegan/Mokuton Madara+Juubi against the mortal 4 previous Hokages. I take that Obito should be tired but if the effying Rinne Tensei takes a huge load of chakra then it makes no sense that he should not have enough to face Kakashi with more powerful techniques.

The fight was biased, it was Kubo level biased with Kakashi as the immortal Shinigami and Obito as the no matter the rank Espada because they lose for plotkai. Guys it’s a given that Obito didn’t master all the Pain’s path powers at that point. Otherwise we would have another fight when he was against Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Gai. Have you not done your grief yet ? The guy never said he knew how to use all the jutsu Nagato did.

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