Read One Piece 713 Manga Spoiler – One Piece 713 Luffy

Also, One Piece 713 all the information in this past chapter gives more of a holistic view to some of the things pointed out when the crew first got on the island. A few of them being why the people were so calm, why the welcoming toy mentioned that he had seen their faces somewhere earlier, why the tournament was still going on as a organized brawl held by DD.

one piece 713 manga

one piece 713 manga

Furthermore, this current chapter really sets the tone for what could happen in the future. I mean with two captains on the island in an alliance, it would be pretty hard to have Luffy’s crew fight challenging people to show their strength and then have Law fight someone that isn’t DD…. that would make it already show that Law wasn’t as powerful as Luffy yet Law is a captain of his own crew.

So this could be a point to have Law somehow out of the picture and Luffy have to step in to really get the job done and show his strength. I’m really hoping that Admiral Fuji really arrest Law and keep DD from being able to attack and kill Law because of justice. Either that, or what we are all really hoping for – a three way battle!

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