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How the Naruto 637 hell did you know that the left rinnegan had the abilities of preta and deva path? I think we should wait for kishi’s explanation on obito’s action. Let him do his job first before blabbering on something. The same thing happened on kakashi when he never use his raikiri on obito’s ass when he got the opportunity. But kishi gave some explanation, didn’t he?

naruto 637 manga

naruto 637 manga

The combo was with Akimichi, Kakashi was fighting Tobi by himself and when he was with others, they were fighting jinchuuriki. And none of the shinobi with him had the skills or abilities that the Akimichi did. Why can’t he dodge others attacking him when he’s absorbing chakra? He can still move, no? Wasn’t Nagato moving when he absorbed chakra from Bee?

But we have Kamui, Shinra Tensei, and different ways for Tobi to defend himself. No matter how you slice it, he was pretty dumbed up in this fight considering he had at least two good defenses. The problem with speed and combo attacks would be that because of Rinnegan, Tobi should be able to protect himself pretty well regardless, because Shinra Tensei, chakra absorption, Kamui, and even Asura should have protected him from most attacks. All Tobi needs to do is use the element of surprise.

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