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Well Yama being Bleach 544 killed would have ended the battle because the Shinigami did not have any sort of strategy and were losing all their individual battles anyway. Yama killing his own shinigami in fire is not a strategy sorry. It is more akin to stupidity. Why does BAch have to go? I’m starting to think all the quincies have been in that shadow dimension for a thousand years.

bleach 544 manga

bleach 544 manga

I think the time is different, for instance like 1 yr in shadow realm is 100 years in the real world. I wonder how hashwald will betray bach or kill him. Maybe Yhwach wants to kill and replace the Soul King, like Aizen wanted. And then his successor would rule the Quincies, maybe even replacing Soul Reapers and acting as the new Gotei 13 and exterminating Hollows. As a new Soul King, Yhwach might find a way to solve the issue of the Hollows extermination disrupting the balance and threatening worlds.

However, I think Kubo has something much better than this in store. Thinking of it,Yamamoto wad really a failure: when he was about to fight the fake yhwach, three stern Ritter attacked him but were burnt and owned,they were buzz bee,as nodt and another one. We were sure he had killed them,though buzz bee was seen still alive when the strong ones summoned the “soldat”, and now it appears all of them survived.

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