Naruto 636 – Naruto Manga 636 Chapter Jinchuuriki

No, Naruto 636 my solution is to develop the jinchuuriki system into something meaningful and not military. Your solution was to destroy the juubi (doesn’t work, they resurrect), and exile (where?). You don’t know the reason bijuu reincarnate, “pure chakra/energy” is grasping at straws. The fact is that they do, and it stands to reason that the juubi would too. We don’t have “no idea”, we have exactly one idea.

naruto 636 manga

naruto 636 manga

I said they “could eventually be trusted to roam free” with enough positive jinchuuriki interaction. Hashirama didn’t “let them roam free”. He distributed them to each village, and it did result in relative peace to the utter chaos that was the mercenary age before the ninja age.

And your argument about people “wanting to control” extends to the entire ninja system. The whole thing is an allegory for the bijuu themselves and their place in the world. I point again to people with KG and how they’re identified as “tools”: should they not breed because they carry inherent, superhuman power? Or exiled or destroyed? I forget which is more humane these days, but I guess you don’t need to be humane to people that aren’t humans.

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