One Piece 692 – One Piece Manga 692

The translated summary and the scanned pictures from the one piece 692 manga scans will be posted here soon. The Officially announced release date of one piece manga 692 is Wednesday.
One piece manga 692
I think out of all the SHP, he’s changed or matured. Caesar’s face was kinda funny at the end too. Apart from that page, this chapter is nothing special. Still better than Naruto. Joker will use his df ability to put vergo back together. Buffalo and baby 5 will arrive after every1 has left.

Good chapter…usoppun is finally starting to act like the brave warrior of the sea… oda should come up with different faces of CC collection album. I agree with M3J.. the chapter was ok overall.. and above this week’s naruto without a doubt Anyone knows where the hell is franky?

I also somewhat liked how Law dominated Vergo, though it was offpaneled. Didn’t like how Vergo was all “how will I eat tomorrow?” Feels like that kind of personality or thinking was copied from another character’s. I believe that Luffy says what everyone is thinking, so Oda please, let it be the last punch !
Otherwise I’m happy to see Law cut in little piece, I didn’t like the prediction where he could have continued to fight.

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