Bleach 501 Spoiler | Bleach Manga 501 Scans

Are you looking for manga bleach 501. Then you are at the right place because bleach 501 chapter will be available online after its release.
The bleach confirmed spoiler appear on tuesday night or wednesday morning.
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Bleach manga 501

Now people are saying that Grimmjow, the sixth most powerful Arrancar in all present existence, can’t defeat a heavily beaten, Ransou Tengai-using Quilge Opie with a sneak attack? You need to be captain level or higher in order to defeat someone like Quilge, and Grimmjow already was at that level even 17 months ago. You cannot convince me that he isn’t capable of doing what the mystery person just did, which includes Flash Stepping right in front of Urahara (not that impressive).

My point is: while it could very well be anyone else, it’s most likely the Jow. Why?
Because it’d look WICKED AS SHIT, that’s why. Kubo logic, ladies and gentlemen.