Bleach Chapter 499 | Bleach 499 Raw

Reading all the posts about FB powers, Bleach 499 while I hope we don’t see Ichigo using these powers,
I don’t think Kubo will throw away all these concepts out of the window.
I like Ichigo so far in this arc. He looks powerful and all business.
Can’t wait to see him arriving in SS. What would be the reaction of SRs? More importantly, where are the other potentials?

bleach 499 raw

I guess VR isn’t afraid of the bankais of shinigami like Renji or Ikkaku, can it be that they devised a bankai stealing method to specifically seal Yamamoto’s bankai because it’s a gamebreaker? Once there’s a way, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t use it on all the shinigami to make their life easier but it seems to me that strong members of Sternritter can hold their own against the bankai of Gotei captains. Depending on Quilge’s position in VR ranks, even current form of Ichigo’s bankai seems to be manageable, I wonder if the sole reason why VR went to such great lengths to seal bankai is because VR leader witnessed the power of Yamamoto’s bankai 1000 years ago and he thought they couldn’t win the war against such immense force.